About Me

I am a writer, editor, and children’s reading consultant. I trained as a journalist, then worked as an editor at a major publishing house. I now freelance in both professions. See my services page.

You can read one of my articles on children’s books in The Independent newspaper here.

I also write literary fiction. I am currently seeking agent representation for my second novel whilst I work on my third.

You can read one of my short stories in an anthology called How to Hold an Umbrella, published by Retreat West.

I have consulted and worked for BookTrust, FCBG, and BooksforKeeps, as well as numerous children’s publishers and primary schools.

In 2014, I opened a library in my local primary school and I work as their librarian part-time. In 2017, I won the Barnet Schools’ Award ‘Unsung Hero’. In 2020, I was awarded the winning prize at the PAJES Jewish Schools Awards 2020 for my volunteer work in Etz Chaim Primary School for setting up and running their school library.

In 2012, I was awarded a National Lottery Grant to build a playground in my local park, and in 2017 achieved a zebra crossing outside a local primary school after extensive petitioning. I still campaign on local issues, including for good public library services.