Blog Awards

MinervaReads has been lucky enough to receive some lovely Blog awards & recommendations:

Toppsta - Recommended Book Blogger

Ranked Blogs - Top Rank - Children's Book Blog

Feedspot - Top 100 Children’s Book Blogs and Websites for Parents, Teachers and Kids

Feedback on the blog:

“Thank you so much for this review. As @edlemming just said to me, ‘If you never write another word, your career will have been worth it for that review alone, I think she gets the book better than you do.'” Sarah Carroll, The Words That Fly Between Us.

“Thank you for your review of Outwalkers. It was a great and incisive piece of reading – felt a little like you must have been looking over my shoulder all the years I was writing it.” Fiona Walker

“Thank you SO much for the review you did of CHARLIE. It captured everything I attempted.” Sam Copeland

“I never have the least idea, when I write something, whether anyone will really connect with it, and it is extraordinarily satisfying if they do. It was a beautifully written (as well as kind) review [of Mike].” Andrew Norriss

“Thank you for your kind words about Vincent’s Starry Night. It is always a sort of wonderful surprise gift when a reader has clearly read the very book I hoped I’d written.” Michael Bird

“Many thanks for your wonderful review of The Emergency Zoo. I was delighted at everything you commented on and in particular the social and political history in the background – this was very important to me but of course I didn’t want to be clumsy and didactic about it. So glad that you felt I hit the right note.” Miriam Halahmy

“Lovely generous review…you nailed most of the things that were important to me when I was writing it, things I was hoping to achieve. Thank you so much for that.” Tania Unsworth, The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn

“My sincere thanks Minerva for your kind and insightful review. You clearly get what I was trying to achieve, on every level!” DJ Brazier, Alone

“I loved reading your review. My story was meant to be silly and entertaining, but you are the only reviewer to pick up on the the other aspects. I come from a shipyard town on the Tyne. When we lost the yards, the whole town became a ghost town. Although I never set out to make a satire, I naturally wrote about the things that mean a lot to me. Similarly, the idea of happiness and the love of a family are very important to a Dad who knows how lucky he is. So thank you for taking the time to read my story and to share your views.” Chris Callaghan, The Great Chocoplot