Chris Haughton Designs the 2015 International Book Giving Day Poster


Today Chris Haughton is revealed as the illustrator behind the 2015 International Book Giving Day poster, and I’m pleased to be able to post it here.

Book Giving Day is on 14th February 2015 and aims to spread the love of reading by getting books into the hands of as many children as possible on that day. This is clearly a day close to my heart, as my main aim is to promote children’s love of reading and to encourage them to become lifelong book addicts.

The other reason Book Giving Day is close to my heart is that it is a 100 per cent volunteer initiative day. As a volunteer primary school librarian and someone who’s spent many hours on a volunteer basis campaigning for children’s playgrounds/road crossings/libraries etc, it’s great to see other people give up their time so willingly to help others.

The idea is to gift a book to a friend, leave a book in a waiting room for a child to read, or donate a gently used book to a local children’s library, hospital or shelter, or to a non-profit organisation that distributes books to children in need internationally.

There are numerous schools round the country which don’t have libraries, or don’t have libraries with enough books for the children. From my own experience, building a library from scratch for a school can be difficult, even with a supportive PTA and a good community. In more deprived areas, it can be much more difficult. The London Evening Standard on Tuesday highlighted the case of Kensington Aldridge Academy, in a socially deprived area, where they have the rooms for libraries but a complete lack of books to fill the shelves. In November, Russell Brand announced that he would give money to set up a library in his former school in Grays, Essex, where the library had been closed. Unfortunately, not all schools have celebrity alumni, so International Book Giving Day is a great opportunity to get involved.

A big thank you to Chris Haughton for designing the poster. Chris Haughton has been an illustrator for more than 12 years. His latest picture book, Shh! We Have a Plan won various awards, and his latest success is the wonderful app Hat Monkey. Try it – I love giving Hat Monkey a banana to eat! He’s also written Oh No, George!, and A Bit Lost, the latter for which I have a soft spot because of the owl!
A Bit Lost


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