I am an experienced editor and writer, and can provide book reviews, articles about reading and literature, readers’ notes for children’s books, etc.

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Reading for Pleasure Consultancy

I give talks to parents and carers of primary age children about encouraging their children to read; strategies for how to turn them into ‘readers for life.’ I also run INSET sessions on helping schools become ‘reading schools’, how to assist children in choosing books, and showing how ‘real’ books can be used in the classroom.

Bespoke Book Recommendation Service

I offer a book recommendation service, not based on any algorithm, but tailored directly by me for you. I am happy to provide book lists for your child or school and will discuss by email/phone/or face-to-face your reading requirements. This can work as a one-off or on an ongoing basis, getting to know you better the more lists we create together.

Why do I need a children’s book specialist to recommend books?

The book market has changed drastically in the past thirty years. As a parent, choosing a book has become more difficult, and buying a book a different experience. As small bookshops on the high street close, along with the experts who run them, choosing a book for your child from an online retailer can be quite daunting. We often pick from the ‘top ten’ or ‘offers’ lists. We all tend to go for the same authors: Jeff Kinney, David Walliams, Michael Morpugo.. However, although all good books, they might not suit your child. And what has changed for the better is that children’s publishing has grown exponentially…so that there are new books published for children all the time – exciting fiction and informative, creative non-fiction, and it’s worth having some sort of guide to pick the more interesting titles tailored to what your child enjoys. Do they like a certain genre? Do they like graphic novels with pictures? Do they gain more appreciation from different fonts? Do they like to be made to laugh? Or be frightened? Stories set in a fantastical environment or at a boarding school?

Also who knows which book is targeted at which level of reader? It may be that your child is learning to read, or a fluent reader, but they need content they can also understand. This is the key, and why it’s so hard to know which books are the right level for your child.

Whatever they read, the aim is to encourage children to be life-long readers. To read for pleasure, and this is so much easier if they have access to books they will enjoy. On many different occasions children have told me that they don’t like reading. I don’t think that’s the case…I just think they haven’t yet found the right book for them.


“My child is now adamant that no matter what time he goes to sleep we read at least a few pages to him.  He has also managed to go up a level with his school reading books mid term which is amazing and reading his school books is the first piece of work he chooses to do. I never thought I would be writing those words to you, in an email…Thank you so so so much for your super advice to date. I can’t believe how much progress we have made.” July, 2018

One happy customer said: “Thank you for your recommendations. My boys have started to read every night and I have been to the library more times than I have ever done! They have even read on the way to school which is unheard of! It really helps me to follow a recommendation because going into the library blind doesn’t really work for me.” June, 2017

“Both kids are really loving your books…You wanted feedback… I asked her which of your recommendations she liked… She said ALL OF THEM!” May, 2016

A parent of a reluctant reader after one session and tailored book list: “We have seen changes…he is reading more readily and I’m really pleased so far.” May, 2016

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