A Letter to My Readers


Firstly, a thank you to you all for continuing to read my many reviews and opinions on children’s books.

In 2018, there were 11,000 children’s books published in the UK. I don’t receive them all, but I do receive a great number. I think for any review I post, I’ve read another five books that didn’t quite make the cut.

I’ve been writing the blog since 2014, attempting to bring you a range of books targeted at different age groups, including fiction and non-fiction, different genres, and those with diverse characters or by diverse writers. I’ve blogged about 700 articles here, and other reviews for various publications and websites.

But sadly, for many reasons, it’s time to stop blogging.

This means that MinervaReads will not be publishing new reviews for the time being. You will still be able to search back articles and reviews on the site, and I hope that you and your children continue to read.

I will still be offering editorial services within children’s publishing, and I’m still involved in educational consultancy on children’s literature. I am also writing literary fiction for adults.

With huge thanks to the publicists and publishers who have been so supportive over the past six years. And you, my readers, for being as passionate about children’s books as I am. I hope to return someday, so do watch this space.

If you’re looking for my editorial and writing services – please visit the ‘services‘ and ‘about me‘ pages for more information.

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Happy Reading,