International Book Giving Day 2015

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Everyone knows that. It’s a day for giving flowers, sometimes chocolates, certainly a card, and perhaps dining together. If you’re into that sort of thing. But tomorrow is also another day. It’s International Book Giving Day. I posted about this a while ago, when it was revealed that Chris Haughton had designed the poster for it. You can read that blogpost here.


I would love to receive a book for Valentine’s Day instead of flowers (hint, hint!). Giving a book reveals an enormous amount about yourself to the recipient. Are you giving a book that you’ve read and enjoyed? Or a book that you haven’t read but think the person receiving might enjoy? Both stances say much about who you are. Which book did you choose to give and why? There are so many books to choose from that picking one can be a daunting task.

I personally like my fictional love to be dark and doomed, so perhaps this isn’t the right message for a loved one! It’s an interesting message if you’re handing over Madame Bovary or Anna Karenin (spoilers – they’re about affairs!). Unless of course you’re giving it to your lover not your partner – although equally both protagonists come to quite sticky ends, so perhaps not a great message.

It’s much easier to give to kids! Tomorrow I’m going to blog my book recommendations for kids for Valentine’s Day – with a twist.

In the meantime, what is International Book Giving Day? It is actually all about donating a book to a child – to a children’s library, to a child you know, to an impoverished child. It’s a 100 per cent volunteer-led initiative, which is aimed at increasing children’s accessibility to books and growing their love for books. Did you know that in the UK one third of children don’t own books? In a time of austerity (so we’re told) and certainly in a time of wavering funding for public libraries, it would be great to get more children reading. Look up a book charity – donate one book – read to your child. Celebrate International Book Giving Day.

There are bookmarks/book plates and other goodies to download on the International Book Giving Day web site here.

If you know me personally and the school library in which I work, then contact me for which books we’d love to have donated to bolster our new and growing book stock.

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